Samedi 6 Janvier

Samedi 6 Janvier

Chers parents

Happy New Year and it was great to see all our students back yesterday! We spent the first half of the class reviewing our known songs (bonjour, comment tu t’appelles, quelle âge as-tu, nous allons en France, savez-vous manger des choux, chanson des verbes, compter fiches et garçons, cherche au trésor objets de couleurs). During snack time we shared some delicious macarons that Zizi and her mum brought – thanks very much for that ! We then worked on a little winter book (bonhomme de neige, flocon de neige, gants, bonnet, pingouin, luge, etc.) and a memo game to review winter vocabulary. The children received a little gift from Father Christmas and we sang again our Christmas song. Next week we will focus on lesson nr 13 and vocabulary related to clothes. If you have any questions please let Mme. Sue or myself know. See you next Saturday! Mme. Sue et Mme. Maria

Devoirs (homework)

Faire fiche de l’hiver (voir cahier enfants)

Lecture audio livre : Trois Souris Peintres

Au revoir et à la semaine prochaine !

Mme. Sue et Mme. Maria