Samedi 13 Janvier

Samedi 13 Janvier

Dear parents

We had a fun class today! We spent some time talking about the weather (il fait froid, il faut chaud, il neige, il pleut, il y a du soleil, il fait du vent), and about the clothes that Minia and Yaroslav wear (pantalon, chemise, robe, jupe, chaussettes, chaussures, sac). We learned a new song about Minia (Minia ne pleure pas, Minia ne soit pas triste, Yaroslav est la!) and sang some of our old songs (j’ai un gros nez rouge, un trait sous le nez, etc.). We spent some time outside and then worked on a weather and clothes' worksheet, and played a weather related memory game. We also played a memory game on our ipad for the last minutes.


These are the worksheets we did in class you are welcome to practice them at home too!  Fiches de Travail semaine 15


Fiche le temps qu'il fait: Devoirs Semaine 15

Lecture livre: La Grenouille a Grande Bouche

Marathon de lecture:

Today in class your child received a form to register for the program "Lisons Ensemble". I encourage you to register and read to your child regularly. This is a very important part of learning a new language and increasing a child's vocabulary. Ecole du Samedi provides different opportunities to access children's books through programs such as "L'Ecole des Loisirs", " Scholastics" and of course our library. You can even find books with audio which can be very helpful if you do not speak French fluently. Please do not hesitate to contact me, Marc, Michel or any of our librarians if you have any questions.

Have a nice week!

Mme. Sue et Mme. Maria