Les devoirs à rendre le 13 octobre

Les devoirs à rendre le 13 octobre

Bonjour les Familles de la Classe Kindergarten 2! Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine. [Here's the homework for this week.]

  • Students received a worksheet at the end of class. It's all about the season of AUTUMN or "Automne" in French. Please have your child circle the word "automne" each time they see it. It can be in all caps, lowercase or even cursive letters. (*I counted six.)  The second page of the attached document is the worksheet that we completed in class. I included it for the children who were absent. They should color the letters, cut them out, and then glue them in the box in correct order to spell "AUTOMNE."

                                 automne HW_6 oct (1).pdf

  • We also talked about fall colors in class - rouge, vert, jaune, marron et orange. Please review the colors with your child as well. Click on the links below to watch two French videos about autumn and colors. 

                                   L'Automne est arrivé!  

                                   Les couleurs en français