Les Devoirs/ HW à rendre le 21 septembre 2019

Les Devoirs/ HW à rendre le 21 septembre 2019

Bonjour les Familles de la Classe Kindergarten 2,

Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine (HW for this week):

1) Bring a small wallet-size photo of yourself. We will glue it in the students' workbooks (Cahier d'activités - the mostly white book cover). If you don't have a photo that we can keep, please have your son or daughter draw a picture of his or her face on a small sheet of paper.

2) Make a face with cereal, beans, candy or small scraps of colored paper. Any material or items you have in your home could work. Feel free to get creative! Students should draw the head (la tête) and then, glue on the following facial features with liquid glue:

  1. les yeux (eyes)
  2. le nez (nose)
  3. la bouche (mouth)
  4. les oreilles (ears)

*This assignment should take no more than 20-30 minutes this week.