Les Devoirs/ HW à rendre le 1er févier 2020

Les Devoirs/ HW à rendre le 1er févier 2020

Bonjour les Parents et les élèves,

First, students will color the winter clothing vocabulary on the attached worksheet. If you speak French, please practice the words with your child(ren). Then, please allow them to watch the Youtube video entitled, "Apprendre les vêtements d'hiver." Click here to go directly to the video.

If your child still has his/her winter drawing from last week, please put it in his/her folder or notebook and bring back to class next Saturday. I think one or two students don't have a notebook or folder that they bring to class each week. Please ensure that your child has at least one or the other to help with organization of their materials.

It's also our annual Crepes Celebration (La Chandeleur) on Feb. 1. If you haven't already, please sign up to bring 10 crepes or help with set-up or break down. The details are all in the email the school sent out last week and the previous week. The kids always look forward to this special day at l'Ecole du Samedi! 

Passez une bonne semaine,

Mme Tori