Les Devoirs (HW) à rendre le 12 octobre 2019

Les Devoirs (HW) à rendre le 12 octobre 2019

Bonjour la Classe de Kindergarten 2,

Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine. [Here's the homework for this week.]

It is a simple and short assignment this week, as several families will be returning from fall break. Please help your son or daughter to look around the house and find at least one of each of the shapes that we are learning about. This is a new topic in class, so the children cannot yet name and identify each shape in French. We'll eventually add to our list a star, a diamond and an oval.

Find examples of these shapes around the house and place them in a small plastic bag. Bring to class on Saturday to share with classmates. If you can't find objects at home that represent each shape, students can draw an object for each shape.

  1. un carré  ==>  a square
  2. un triangle  ==>  a triangle  
  3. un rectangle  ==>  a rectangle
  4. un rond / un cercle  ==>  a circle


Madame Tori