Les Devoirs (HW) pour le 2 février 2019

Les Devoirs (HW) pour le 2 février 2019

Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine:

1) Finish coloring the family worksheet that you received in class last Saturday.

2) On the blank lines in the box, list the members of your family and include their name.       See my example below. 

*Note: When you have more than one of a family member, use "mes" instead of mon or ma and add an "s" to the end of the family word to make it plural. For example, "mes frères" means "my brothers" and "mes sœurs" means my sisters.

  • ma mère Sally (Maman)
  • mon père Thomas (Papa)
  • mon frère Tremain  
  • mon frère Trenton
  • ma sœur Tracy

3)  Watch this video to learn more about how to present your famille in French. Here's another one of a girl presenting her family. Click here.