Les Devoirs (HW) pour le 13 avril 2019

Les Devoirs (HW) pour le 13 avril 2019

Bonjour les Familles! Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine. [Here's the HW for this week.]

1a.) Please give your child a few minutes to explore outside and find three to five things in nature that we associate with spring. They can be the actual item, such as a flower or blades of grass, or something that represents springtime. Please DO NOT bring living things to share with the class. Students should bring their items in the small plastic sandwich bag they received at the end of class before spring break.


1b.) Students may also take photos of things they see and include them in their 3-5 items to share. If they take photos, please email them to me before class or print them out for your child to bring in to share.

2.) Write the French word for your 3-5 things that represent spring. A short list on a sticky note or index card is perfect. We will continue learning and practicing our new spring vocabulary together in class. *See the attached W.S. that students did in class for a list of their new words and phrases. In the right column they drew an illustration of the sentences on the left.