Les Devoirs - à rendre le 29 septembre 2018

Les Devoirs - à rendre le 29 septembre 2018


Students received a coloring worksheet for one of the farm animals we've been discussing in our story each week. It's the "chien" or the dog. Please have your son or daughter(s) write the following statement at the bottom of his or her coloring sheet:  "C'est le chien." Then, they received a worksheet with a sheep. They have to cut out the letters at the bottom and glue them in the right place. They can also write at the top "C'est le mouton." If you could also have them repeat the sentence, you can use google translate to hear it in French.

I understand that it is a lot of work to do, so you can chose one task or both; we will finish the work in class next time.

Chien_dog W.S.

Mouton_Sheep with letters