Last Class on Saturday May 18th 2019

Last Class on Saturday May 18th 2019


Saturday May 18th will be the last day of class for "l'Ecole du Samedi".To celebrate this last day, the students will sing a french song for you.I will let you know the exact time next week, but be aware that there is generally an early release for the Maternelles this day (so family with siblings in other class could assist at every show). It will probably be 11 or 11:30, i will let you know.

No homework for those 2 last weeks but i would like to encourage you to help them practice their song at home.You will find a file enclosed with all the indications. Let me know on Saturday, if you need more information.

As we are working on rhymes, could you help your child find a rhyme with their first name. This year, the themes are nature (animal, plants....) or vacation (what he/she wants to do, or what they like, where they go.....)

Merci et bonne semaine.L’école est finie_chanson fin d'annee.docx