Kindergarten 2 - Homework

Homework for Kindergarten 2

  • Les Devoirs (HW) pour le 4 mai 2019

    Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine! [Here is this week's homework.]

    • Students should cut out the days of the week on the worksheet they received and glue or tape  them in order in the table on the left. See attached document for a copy of the homework worksheet. Les jours de la semaine.pdf
    • Listen to a song about the days of the week on Youtube. Click here.
    • Study the 7 animals we began learning about last Saturday.See attached document for a list of the animals in French and English.
    • Practice our song "Jean Petit qui danse for the end-of-year performance. Refer to last week's HW assignment for the link.
  • Les Devoirs (HW) pour le 27 avril 2019

    Bonjour les Parents et les Eleves! 

    Voici les devoirs (HW) pour cette semaine. Students received this week's homework assignment - the worksheet of "Les Insectes" on their way out the door last Saturday. Everyone was present, but if you need a new copy of it, I've attached it here. Click on the link above. Merci!

    The other thing I would like for students to do this week is practice our song for the end-of-year performance. It's called "Jean Petit Qui Danse."

  • Les Devoirs (HW) pour le 13 avril 2019

    Bonjour les Familles! Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine. [Here's the HW for this week.]

    1a.) Please give your child a few minutes to explore outside and find three to five things in nature that we associate with spring. They can be the actual item, such as a flower or blades of grass, or something that represents springtime. Please DO NOT bring living things to share with the class. Students should bring their items in the small plastic sandwich bag they received at the end of class before spring break.


    1b.) Students may also take photos of things they see and include them in their 3-5 items to share. If they take photos, please email them to me before class or print them out for your child to bring in to share.

    2.) Write the French word for your 3-5 things that represent spring. A short list on a sticky note or index card is perfect. We will continue learning and practicing our new spring vocabulary together in class. *See the attached W.S. that students did in class for a list of their new words and phrases. In the right column they drew an illustration of the sentences on the left.

  • Les Devoirs pour le 2 mars

    Voici les devoirs à faire cette semaine. [Here is the homework to complete this week.]

    • Listen to the French alphabet song. Practice saying the letters.
    • Finish coloring the 12 objects on the two worksheets distributed in class yesterday.
    • Then, write one of the following letters/sounds in a corner of each box to represent the first sound you hear when you say the word in French [a, b, c, ch, d, o].
      *Note: You may need to check the meaning or pronunciation of a word on Google or if your child forgets. A few of the words are new to them.
    • Finally, cut out each of the twelve words and return them to class in a plastic sandwich bag or paper-clipped together.

    Les Sons_1er groupe_W.S.

  • Les Devoirs pour le 9 février 2019

    Bonjour les familles de la Classe Kindergarten 2,

    Voici les devoirs. [Here's this week's homework.]

    1. Please finish the worksheet that students worked on in class today. Some have already finish coloring, cutting out their monkey's clothes and gluing them on it. [Printable-DressMonkeyforWinter.pdf]
    2. Please return the completed monkey worksheet to class on Saturday, Feb. 9. We will be using it for a listening comprehension activity as we review winter clothing vocabulary.
    3. Please read in French to your child this week. Le Marathon de Lecture (The Read-a-thon officially began today.) Record his or her minutes read on the reading log. I gave them out to students today. If you happen to lose it or don't have one yet, please write down the book title and minutes read on a blank sheet of paper. Parents must initial each time their child reads. Feel free to check out some of the free online French books and stories that are read aloud on Youtube. Here's one that I will be sharing with my 3rd-5th grade students next week. It's okay if students don't understand everything, but it should be a story that holds their attention and one that includes some familiar vocabulary.
  • Les Devoirs (HW) pour le 2 février 2019

    Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine:

    1) Finish coloring the family worksheet that you received in class last Saturday.

    2) On the blank lines in the box, list the members of your family and include their name.       See my example below. 

    *Note: When you have more than one of a family member, use "mes" instead of mon or ma and add an "s" to the end of the family word to make it plural. For example, "mes frères" means "my brothers" and "mes sœurs" means my sisters.

    • ma mère Sally (Maman)
    • mon père Thomas (Papa)
    • mon frère Tremain  
    • mon frère Trenton
    • ma sœur Tracy

    3)  Watch this video to learn more about how to present your famille in French. Here's another one of a girl presenting her family. Click here.

  • Les Devoirs (HW) pour le 26 janvier 2019

    Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine [Here's the homework for this week]: 

    I would love for students to go back to the website I listed in the homework assignment last week and practice for 20-30 minutes before Saturday. If they review the flashcards at least three times - listen to the word, look at the word and pronounce the word - they should know the winter vocabulary pretty well. Then, please have your child complete the "Learn" activities and the Test. I recommend changing the options. You may deselect the option for written response, but leave "Audio" turned on. I don't expect the students to be able to spell the words perfectly and include accents. I would be delighted if they could identify each of the words when they see an image of them. Or, if I say in French, "Show me your gloves." or ask, "Where is your coat?" students should be able to demonstrate comprehension.

    Finally, they can play the "Match" game online with the winter vocabulary.

    • Visit Quizlet and practice the winter clothing vocabulary/"Vêtements d'hiver" using the electronic flashcards. 
  • Les Devoirs pour le 19 janvier 2019

    Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine:

    • Draw a picture of your family and label each member (maman= mom; papa= dad;  ma sœur= my sister; mon frère= my brother; le bébé= the baby; mon chien= my dog; mon chat= my cat). Coloring your drawing is optional, but would be nice. 
    • Visit Quizlet and practice the winter clothing vocabulary/"Vêtements d'hiver" using the electronic flashcards. Last Saturday, the students went through the flashcards together as a class and answered questions under the "Learn" tab.

  • Les Devoirs pour le 15 décembre 2018

    Bonjour les Familles! Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine. 

    1) Students will go to the following website (see below) and play an online quiz game. They may retake the quiz as many times as they'd like. It includes a variety of vocabulary that they've been learning this year.  Choose to join a game by entering this code: 943615/ Students make skip creating an account. It's not required to play. I hope they enjoy playing the game!

    2) Practice and learn the song "L'as-tu vu" by heart for our holiday performance on Saturday. 

  • Les Devoirs pour le 17 novembre 2018

    Bonjour les Parents! Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine. [Here's the homework for this week.]
    • Students should complete the worksheet they received at the end of class last Saturday. This activity reviews the seasonal and weather vocabulary we've been discussing in class.
    • Listen to and begin to learn the holiday song that we'll perform in December. It's called, "L'as-tu vu?"

  • Les Devoirs - Pour le 3 novembre 2018

    Bonjour les parents!

    Voici les devoirs pour la semaine. Students should have received two worksheets at the end of class last Saturday. They will need to color the images and cut out the letters at the bottom of the page. Then, please have your son or daughter glue the letters on the page in the correct order to spell out the words: SORCIERE (witch)  and  CITROUILLE (pumpkin).




  • Les Devoirs - à rendre le 27 octobre 2018

    Bonjour les Familles! Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine. [Here is the homework for this week.]

    • Review the poem that we began learning in class last Saturday. See below.
    • Listen to the recording of it and practice your pronunciation of the poem. Click here to listen to "Petite feuille."

    *Our goal is to learn the poem by heart and be able to recite it before Thanksgiving Break.

    Petite feuille

    Petite feuille verte bouge dans l'arbre,

    Petite feuille jaune vole dans l'air,

    Petite feuille orange dort dans l'herbe,

    Chut! Voici l'automne.

  • Les Devoirs - à rendre le 20 septembre 2018

    Bonjour les Familles de la Classe Kindergarten 2! Voici les devoirs. (Here's the homework for this week.) 

    • If your child was present on Saturday, he or she already received the two worksheets. For the "Automne" one with the block letters and things that represent the season, your child should color the word in fall colors (rouge, jaune, vert, marron, & orange).
    • For the 2nd worksheet, students should trace the phrase "La Pomme" and color the apple red. 
    • On the reverse side, please instruct your child to color the inside of the apple yellow, the stem brown, the leaf green and the outline of the apple in red. We will continue to review these colors and other things associated with autumn in class next Saturday.

    * Please look for an email from me that includes the worksheets in electronic format.

  • Les devoirs à rendre le 13 octobre

    Bonjour les Familles de la Classe Kindergarten 2! Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine. [Here's the homework for this week.]

    • Students received a worksheet at the end of class. It's all about the season of AUTUMN or "Automne" in French. Please have your child circle the word "automne" each time they see it. It can be in all caps, lowercase or even cursive letters. (*I counted six.)  The second page of the attached document is the worksheet that we completed in class. I included it for the children who were absent. They should color the letters, cut them out, and then glue them in the box in correct order to spell "AUTOMNE."

                                     automne HW_6 oct (1).pdf

    • We also talked about fall colors in class - rouge, vert, jaune, marron et orange. Please review the colors with your child as well. Click on the links below to watch two French videos about autumn and colors. 

                                       L'Automne est arrivé!  

                                       Les couleurs en français

  • Les Devoirs - Pour le 6 octobre 2018

    Bonjour Les Familles de la Classe Kindergarten 2! Voici les devoirs [Here's the homework for this week.].

    • Students received a worksheet with the mother animals on one side and the baby animals on the other side. Please have them draw a line connecting the mother to her baby/babies. *[Please disregard the student's name at the top of the sample worksheet. It was my last copy.]
    • Review with them the names of the five animals: un lapin, un mouton, un cochon, une vache, & une poule. Check out this YouTube video about farm animals.
    • Finally, please have your child bring a leaf or another small object that he or she associates with autumn/fall.
  • Les Devoirs - à rendre le 29 septembre 2018

    Bonjour les Familles de la Classe Kindergarten 2! Students received a coloring worksheet for one of the farm animals we've been discussing in our story each week. It's a "mouton" or a sheep. Please have your son or daughter(s) write the following statement at the bottom of his or her coloring sheet:  "C'est un mouton." Students may either color their sheep an interesting color of their choice or glue on cotton balls to make it look more realistic. Please click on the link below for the electronic version.

    Sheep_Mouton W.S.

  • Les Devoirs - à rendre le 22 septembre 2018

    Bonjour les familles de la Classe Kindergarten 2! Here's the homework assignment for this week. Most of the students were present yesterday. They each received a counting worksheet [HW SEM2_EDS_KDG.pdf]. They must look at the number represented on the dice and color that many apples. Please have your son or daughter(s) bring the completed assignment to class next Saturday.


    Les profs de Kindergarten (Catherine, Tori et Camilla)

  • Les Devoirs - Due 15 septembre 2018

    Your child(ren) received a worksheet of a blank face. The students' homework assignment is to draw their eyes, nose, mouth, hair and eye brows on the face, and then color it.

    They may write their name on the line at the bottom of the page where it says, 
    "Comment t'appelle-tu?

    Please have your child(ren) bring back this worksheet on Saturday, as we will finish adding features to the face on the back and also discuss their drawings in class.

    Merci et à samedi!

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