Kindergarten 2 - Homework

Homework for Kindergarten 2

  • Les Devoirs/ HW à rendre le 1er févier 2020

    Bonjour les Parents et les élèves,

    First, students will color the winter clothing vocabulary on the attached worksheet. If you speak French, please practice the words with your child(ren). Then, please allow them to watch the Youtube video entitled, "Apprendre les vêtements d'hiver." Click here to go directly to the video.

    If your child still has his/her winter drawing from last week, please put it in his/her folder or notebook and bring back to class next Saturday. I think one or two students don't have a notebook or folder that they bring to class each week. Please ensure that your child has at least one or the other to help with organization of their materials.

    It's also our annual Crepes Celebration (La Chandeleur) on Feb. 1. If you haven't already, please sign up to bring 10 crepes or help with set-up or break down. The details are all in the email the school sent out last week and the previous week. The kids always look forward to this special day at l'Ecole du Samedi! 

    Passez une bonne semaine,

    Mme Tori

  • Les Devoirs/ HW à rendre le 25 janvier 2020

    Voici les devoirs [Here's the homework assignment due on Saturday, January 25th.]:

    - Draw a winter scene that contains the following things:

    • snow (la neige)
    • a snowman (un bonhomme de neige)
    • a boy dressed in winter clothes (un garçon)
    • a girl dressed in winter clothes (une fille)
    • someone or something wearing gloves (des gants), a winter hat/toboggan (un bonnet), a scarf (une écharpe), shoes (des chaussures) or boots (des bottes), a coat (un manteau), pants (un pantalon)
    • at least one animal you see in the winter
    • *Challenge (optional): choose ONE other item to draw in a hidden place in your picture. Classmates will try to find your hidden object.

    *Students do not need to label these items in their drawing. This is a preliminary activity. I will be teaching winter vocabulary for the next few weeks, among other things. Amusez-vous bien! Have fun drawing!

  • Les Devoirs/ HW à rendre le 9 et le 16 novembre 2019

    Bonjour la Classe de Kindergarten 2,

    Your only homework for this week is to practice our song, "Canon de Noël," which we'll be performing next month at the Spectacle de Noël. I would encourage you to listen to it at least four times. Click here to go directly to the video on Youtube.

    For next Saturday, Nov. 16, here's your assignment:

    Use the worksheet (I will distribute at the end of class) with the chart of things you'd find in nature in the fall. Go on a nature walk before Nov. 16. Check off the things you find. Feel free to take a few photos to share with the class (email or print out). Choose 2-3 things that you collected to share with the class next week during our next "Ecole du Samedi Kindergarten Art Gallery."

  • Les Devoirs (HW) à rendre le 2 novembre 2019

    Bonjour les Parents,

    Please refer to the email I sent and/or the worksheet I distributed at the end of class last Saturday. Click on the attachment below to print or view the worksheet. I have only introduced the specific parts of the house, so it is not likely that the children will know what all of the parts of the house are. Here's the key.

    • le toit = the roof
    • la porte = the door
    • la fenêtre = the window
    • la cheminée = the chimney
    • les murs = the walls
    • la clôture = the fence; the enclosure

    La Maison_HW_26 oct_kdg2.docx

  • Les Devoirs à rendre le 26 octobre 2019

    Voici les devoirs pour le 26 octobre. [Here's your homework for next Saturday, Oct. 26.]

    *NOTE: There is nothing due this Saturday. This assignment should be completed by next Saturday.

    • Ecoutez la chanson de Noël au moins trois fois pendant la semaine. [Listen to the Christmas song at least three times during the week. Get familiar with it, because we'll be singing it at our Holiday Performance in December. Click on the link to go to the Youtube video of "Canon de Noël."

    • Look around your house and find one object that is oval, one that is diamond and one that is star shaped. Place them in a small bag and bring to class to share with your classmates. If you don't find anything for those three shapes, draw them neatly on a sheet of white paper, label them and bring to class.
      • un ovale = an oval
      • un losange = a diamond
      • une étoile = a star
  • Les Devoirs (HW) à rendre le 12 octobre 2019

    Bonjour la Classe de Kindergarten 2,

    Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine. [Here's the homework for this week.]

    It is a simple and short assignment this week, as several families will be returning from fall break. Please help your son or daughter to look around the house and find at least one of each of the shapes that we are learning about. This is a new topic in class, so the children cannot yet name and identify each shape in French. We'll eventually add to our list a star, a diamond and an oval.

    Find examples of these shapes around the house and place them in a small plastic bag. Bring to class on Saturday to share with classmates. If you can't find objects at home that represent each shape, students can draw an object for each shape.

    1. un carré  ==>  a square
    2. un triangle  ==>  a triangle  
    3. un rectangle  ==>  a rectangle
    4. un rond / un cercle  ==>  a circle


    Madame Tori

  • Les Devoirs/ HW à rendre le 28 septembre 2019

    Voici les devoirs (HW) pour cette semaine.

    1.) Listen to our new song and get familiar with it -- "Tu t'appelles comment?". *Each child received an audio CD in their book with songs, poems, etc. 

    2.) Complete of Unité 1:Moi -- Exercise #2 in your workbook (Les Petits Loustics 2 Cahier d'activités). This exercise is in Leçon 1 (Lesson 1) - page 1. Listen to the two audio files that I'll email to you and complete Exercise 2. Then, do Exercise 3. Unfortunately, I'm unable to attach the audio file to this blog post. It doesn't like the format. For parents who speak French, you can use my audio recording or simply read the five sentences provided for Exercise 2 on the page before Page 1 in the Cahier d'activités.


    Madame Tori

  • Les Devoirs/ HW à rendre le 21 septembre 2019

    Bonjour les Familles de la Classe Kindergarten 2,

    Voici les devoirs pour cette semaine (HW for this week):

    1) Bring a small wallet-size photo of yourself. We will glue it in the students' workbooks (Cahier d'activités - the mostly white book cover). If you don't have a photo that we can keep, please have your son or daughter draw a picture of his or her face on a small sheet of paper.

    2) Make a face with cereal, beans, candy or small scraps of colored paper. Any material or items you have in your home could work. Feel free to get creative! Students should draw the head (la tête) and then, glue on the following facial features with liquid glue:

    1. les yeux (eyes)
    2. le nez (nose)
    3. la bouche (mouth)
    4. les oreilles (ears)

    *This assignment should take no more than 20-30 minutes this week.


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