Intermediate Homework - Madame Sarah

Intermediate Homework - Madame Sarah

HW - week of November 11-18

Listen to the song + start learning the lyrics to prepare for our Winter Program!

We'll add the skit + change some of the words in our December classes to incorporate Hanukah and Kwanza.

HW - week of November 4-11

Here's the worksheet

Students learned about 6 more Francophone musicians with African influences while studying the geography of Africa. 

HW - week of October 27-November 4

Reread the story called La Maison Hantée + finish questions and/or original story.

Continue studying African countries. We will continue discovering Francophone artists with African influence. 

HW - week of October 20-27

Reread and finish the questions from the reading on Northern African Cuisine. 

EDS - cuisine africaine.docxL'Afrique qui Parle Français - watch to review some of the main countries that speak French and other languages.

Study the map of Africa to understand which countries speak only French as their official language and which countries have French + other languages as their official languages. Le Monde Francophone en Afrique - chanson.docx