Intermediate - Homework

Homework for Intermediate

  • Week 11

    The homework for this week is to review the song for the Winter Performance called, "Dans Mon Pays D'Hiver and to finish the small 2-page worksheet on Thanksgiving vocabulary. 

    Website for Song 

    Attachment with words 

  • Week 10

    The homework for this week is to finish either the 2 readings (pages 2-3 of packet) or complete a writing assignment describing people in the family using adjectives (page 4 of packet). Also, the students will all be learning a song for the Winter Performance, and it would help if they learned the lyrics and listened to Au Royaume du Bonhomme Hiver.

  • Week 9

    EDS (9) la famille (description de la famille).docx - Students will finish writing description of their families and draw a picture. The partner section will be our first activity next week! 

  • Week 8

    EDS - Halloween (conte) 2018.docxYour child/children have a * (Star) to indicate what homework to work on this week. Looking over the vocabulary and rereading the story about the haunted house will help in preparing the homework questions. 

  • Week 7

    Les Monstres et Parties du Corps (EDS 7) (Y3U2 Y2U2).docx - The students will be completing the starred pages in the packet with body parts and monsters. They chose either the very last page, or the 2nd and 3rd to last pages together. 

  • Week 6

    Students will finish 1 paragraph (Group 1) and entire page (Group 2) on this document: EDS (6) La Semaine du Goût.docx Reviewing the vocabulary from page 1 will be helpful! 

  • Week 5

    EDS (5) Bataille Navale (routine).docx The HW for our class is to finish writing out the paragraphs from Battle Ship (Bataille Navale). Those who finished early in class can review the vocabulary and questions from the day. Younger kids will write 6 sentences (3 per paragraph) and older kids will write 10 sentences (5 per paragraph). Reviewing vocabulary is always helpful, which is found in the students' folders from each class. I have the handout for those who were absent in class upon their return.

  • Week 4

    EDS (running dictation) 

    téléphone.docx HW - Students were given a worksheet to write out 6 original sentences for the younger group and 12 original sentences for the older group. We are working on grammar with writing and conjugating different verbs to talk about our preferences.

  • Week 3

    EDS (3) activités loisirs vidéo .docx

    1. Review the vocabulary on activities (les loisirs) that we learned

    2. Reread the the story from class (Reading out load is best)

    Students between ages 9-12

    3. Take notes on the story using the Venn Diagram and write a short paragraph using the grammatical prompts.

  • Week 2

    Margaux (reading)

    1. Groupe with Madame Louise : reread Margaux and write in the time she does each activity in the parenthesis (vocabulary notes from class will help if students need help with telling time and reading numbers in French)

     2. Groupe with Madame Sarah : reread Margaux and fill in Venn Diagram to state differences and similarities. Writing the paragraphe is bonus!

  • Week 1

    C'est Moi - Complete the poster using the vocabulary packet provided in class for help. 

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