Homework for September 29.

Homework for September 29.

Chers Parents,

Today, September 22th, we still focused on how to talk about ourselves and reviewed/ learned how to form questions. We improved the vocabulary on several topics like family, sports and hobbies, jobs and numbers.

Homework for next week will be on the worksheet "Questions" I gave today .

All Levels (Advanced 1&2 and 3) have to do exercise 1: "Make an Interview. Find the right question corresponding to André's answers " =Faites une interview. Posez des questions à André.

Advanced Level 3 and Level 2, if they want to  ;-) have also to do exercise 3. But instead of "Décrivez votre voisin" (neighbor), I want them to describe a family member :"décrivez un membre de votre famille" by using "il" or "elle"

Of course, everybody has to review the vocabulary we saw today on the dialogue worksheet.

I wish everybody a great weekend and a wonderful week. Bon weekend et une très bonne semaine à tous!

Madame Myriam