homework for saturday february 29

homework for saturday february 29

Hello dear Parents,

My name is Myriam Chedouteau and I will be your child's french teacher until the end of this year. I am incredibly  excited to teach your children and to  get to know all of you. I look forward to working with you over the next 10 Saturdays! (Yes, it`s hard to believe : only a few weeks are left.) 

I hope to meet you at l`école du samedi before class or after. It would be a pleasure to answer your questions or discuss your child`s progress. However I would like to postpone our parent / teacher conferences for a few weeks, as I need some time to get your child to know. I will let you know as soon as possible, when I am ready.

Today I pursued the lesson Mme Catherine started before. We are still at the unit 5 : les aliments (food) and had fun making a fruit salad. 

Homework for Saturday February 29th will be in your child`s  activity book ( cahier d`activités) on page : Unite 5, les Aliments, leçon 3 : la salade de fruits. Students have to put the 'fruit salad" stickers (you will find at the end of the book) on the picture with the table and please ask them to repeat the fruit`s name in french with the article :

  • l`orange
  • la pomme
  • la poire
  • les myrtilles
  • le raisin
  • la banane

Thank you for your involvement and help. Have a wonderful weekend

Myriam Chedouteau