Homework for October 13.

Homework for October 13.

Bonjour chers Parents!

As we enjoyed a potluck, today, at l’école du Samedi, and as next week begins "la semaine du goût" in France ("the week of flavors"), I thought it were a great opportunity to view and /or review some new vocabulary & topics around food, beverages and culinary traditions. That's why your child came back today with 4  worksheets (Sorry, it's not very eco friendly, but we don't have books, as we have different levels in this class)- Vocabulary,  they have to review.

Home worksheet has the title :


#1 conjugue le verbe aimer ; j'aime / je n'aime pas

#2 write sentences with the names in the table :

ex: Bertrand aime....n'aime pas     for each activity shown on the table

#3 write 1 or 3 (for advanced 3) sentences to answer the questions.