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Should I register my child early?

Early registrations allow us to better plan classes for the following year and to order books from France over the summer. It also allows you to reserve a spot for your child in the class the following Fall. Registrations start in May and are ongoing until the first day of school. In order to register, please go to our registration webpage and click on the program you wish to register for. You will need to complete our online registration form and submit a non-refundable registration fee of $50 per child. If you decide to wait to register in the fall, the same registration fee will be required and your child may be placed on a waiting list if the class is full.


Registration takes place online on our registration page. At the time of registration, you can choose to pay the pre-registration deposit of $50 per child or the full tuition. We offer two payment plans, either a one installment (due in early August) that entitles you to a $50 rebate or a two-installment plan (due in August and November). Please check our registration page for more details about payment schedule. We strongly encourage you to pre-register your children prior to the start of the school year in order to ensure space for them in the class

Can I register my child mid-year?

We strongly encourage you to register your child at the start of the school year so that they can benefit from the full curriculum. Some children, especially in the lower grades have a hard time adjusting to a class mid-year. However, many students have already joined us during the year and had a very positive and successful experience. Each individual situation will be discussed with the parents, student and teacher. Tuition payments will be pro-rated.

How much is the tuition?

We are a non-profit relying solely on tuitions to operate the school. We try to price our classes as affordably as we can, without sacrificing quality or our financial sustainability.

Tuition is for the academic year (30 Saturdays). The obligation to pay tuition for the full year is unconditional notwithstanding the subsequent absence for any reason of the student (except moving out of greater Atlanta and serious illness). Even though the tuition may be paid in two installments; this does not constitute a divisible contract.

Tuitions for 2019/20
 (Two payment plan)

  • Bébé & Moi: $550
  • Bout'chous: $725
  • Other programs: $1,285

Will I have to pay any other fees during the year?

Books and materials are included in the tuition fees. No books/material fees apply to both Bébés & Moi and Bout'chous programs. Each family receives a complimentary Library membership with any program registration.


If you enroll multiple children from a single family, we will offer a 10% discount to a second child and 20% to a third and any subsequent child.

We also offer a $50 discount per child for all one-payment plans.

Any referral will entitle you to a $50 discount per student registering in the same school year as one of your children.

What will happen if I am late to pick up my child?

Please plan on picking up your child on time at 12:00pm. We ask you to pick up your child in his/her classroom. If you arrive after 12:10 pm you will need to pick up your child at the reception table. If there is an emergency please call us at 770 634 6228 or 404 754 9122 to let us know. Otherwise your account will be charged $15 for picking up your child after 12:10 pm. After 12:30 pm you will be charged one dollar per minute. A child will not be discharged to anyone other than a custodial parent without prior advance notice to the teacher.

What happens if I withdraw my child from a class?

Our classes are based on year long attendance. If you withdraw your child from a class during the school year for any other reason than specified in our contract, no tuition will be refunded.

Class cancellations

We plan out our classes and staffing based on expected demand. If we are unable to meet the minimum enrollment for your child's class, we will cancel your child's class and attempt to offer you another solution in another class of similar skill-level or age. If we are unable to do this or you have a scheduling conflict with the new class to which your child has been assigned, you will be refunded in full.

Trial Classes

If you would like to observe or schedule a complementary trial class for your child, please contact us and we will offer you different options. There will be no obligation to enroll if our programs do not meet your needs.

Visiting the Classroom

While we welcome parents into the classroom for short periods of observation, we ask you to refrain from staying too long. We seek to create an immersion learning experience with only French language being spoken in the classroom. Please also be aware your presence may be a distraction to the students, especially your own child, so you may not be able to see the typical behavior or teaching that would go on in a normal class. Please contact us if you would like to schedule such a visit.

How do I know if my child should be in the native or the non-native track?

Students entering our non-native track typically are either true beginners or they have a limited knowledge of the French language that would not enable to function in an immersion classroom where French is used to support content instruction.

Students entering our native track typically are either native speakers of French who use the French language as the main language communication in their home, or they have a knowledge of the French language that enables them to function in an immersion classroom where French is used to support content instruction. Some of these students have been enrolled for at least a year in a French school in a French speaking country, or in the French track in an International School.

Students are usually evaluated by the teacher and the administrative team to determine what level would suit them best before a final placement is determined.

Can a child move from the native to the non-native track?

Yes, students are evaluated several times a year and if a teacher determines that a student would be more successful in the non-native track, he or she can be placed in that track. Parents are included in all students' placement decisions.

How can I encourage my child to speak French during the week?

Please check our online resources page for links to fun and educative websites.

We also have an extensive library with books, CDs and DVDs in French. Please take some time during the week to read a book, watch a film or listen to French songs together. And remember to turn on the French language audio track the next time your child watches his or her favorite DVD. Hearing French in different situations outside the classroom will reinforce the lessons your child is learning and will help him or her understand that learning a foreign language is important to you. Most of all, if French is your mother tongue, always speak French to your child.


If you have any feedback on your child's class experience, please contact your teacher first. If you feel your concerns have not been sufficiently addressed or you have some feedback on our teachers or curriculum, please contact Marc Mallet and/or Michel Lopez directly.

Other questions?

Please consult our parents Handbook or contact us.


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