Ecole du samedi 2019-20: Welcome letter to parents

Ecole du samedi 2019-20: Welcome letter to parents

Dear parents,

I look forward to meeting your child on Saturday, September 7. My name is Andree Janis, a native speaker of French, and this is my first  year at Ecole du Samedi. I will be the teacher for the Intermediate 1&2 courses.I am currently a substitute teacher at The Lovett School and Trinity School in Atlanta. I've been working with all age groups, from Kindergarten through grade 12. I am very familiar with this age group, and I will work to make sure your child has a wonderful experience at Ecole du Samedi.

Our new study material "Tip Top" is very promising as it will be an improvement in effective teaching. It will help build vocabulary and grammar skills through the enacting of dialogues and singing catchy songs that are easy to memorize. Games and activities incorporated in the study material will enhance the learning process and give students a fun and effective way to retain the lessons. Students will also have a workbook to practice what was learned in class. We will also explore a few short stories in French as part of our book club activity.

Our class is located at the 3rd floor room #320 ( please find attached the floor plan).

I would like to go over the schedule for what is expected every Saturday:

- school starts promptly at 9:30 a.m.and ends at 12:00 p.m. Please wait until 9:25 a.m. before dropping off your child in class.

- From 10:30-11:00 a.m. is recess and snack time;  a snack can be brought from home or can be purchased at the reception table before class starts.

- At 12:00 p.m. please pick up your child in the classroom,  if you happen to come after 12:10 p.m. your child will be by the reception table.

- The library is open to anyone who would like to borrow any books.

The supplies needed for class are: 3 pencils, an eraser, a pack of colored pencils, a pack of markers, a regular size spiral notebook  (for notes, homework &  class activities), glue stick, and scissors.  Throughout the year we will be doing a lot of hands-on activities: skits, songs, games, music, etc. I hope that this will be a fun and successful year. 

Encouraging your child to do homework, which usually will take less that 30 minutes per week, will help strengthen his/her knowledge of the French language.

Homework will be posted at the official school website: Homework | Resources. I will contact you to inform you of your child's progress a couple times during the school year, and you can reach me at with any questions.

See you this Saturday!

Warm regards,

Andrée Janis