Devoirs pour le 8 décembre 2018

Devoirs pour le 8 décembre 2018

I didn't send any homework during the Thanksgiving break, so the students could have some rest.

When you have some extra time, i encourage you to read with them some stories in french and let them watch some movies or cartoons, to study with fun.

For this reason, i recommend you this story, maybe for an evening during the week or during the next week-end and we will talk about it in class in December 8th.

Also, the students can draw about what they liked in this story and they could explain than to us in class.

You can also review with them the 2 poems for the winter celebration on December 15th.

Comptine-1-2-3-Dans-sa-hotte-en-bois.pdf et Comptine-Sapin-vert-sapin-des-bois.pdf

Have a good week and see you on December 8th.