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La "classe de sixième" will focus on the continued development of cultural and language development in the target language through speaking, listening, writing, and reading activities. Specifically students will complete a monthly project on French speaking countries, the history of France, the history of French and US relations, and French culture and customs. Some examples of projects are American cities with French history, French cuisine, youth in France, and the French education system.

Students cannot perform well on their assignments if they do not harbor the appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills that are an integral part of the curriculum of the traditional "classe de sixième". Every month we will dedicate two Saturdays to study vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, reading, and writing appropriate to specific monthly- projects and a French dictation to develop their mastery of the spelling, vocabulary and grammar introduced in France at the sixth grade level. Students will use a laptop, Ipad or tablet in class every Saturday.

This class is from 9:30am to 12:00pm.

Le développement de la connaissance de la langue s’effectue au travers de l’étude d’oeuvres littéraires et de pièces de théâtre que les élèves mettent en scène pendant l’année. Les textes étudiés en classe (textes litteraires et articles) sont selectionnés afin de permettre aux élèves de développer leur connaissance de la grammaire, de la conjugaison et de l’orthographe.


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