Advanced 2 & 3 - Homework

Homework for Advanced Levels

  • Homework for May 18th

    Chers Parents,

    Next Saturday we will held our performance at the Auditorium>
    Please make sure your children reviews the song. Below is the link :
    You are invited to the Auditorium at 11:30 as the program starts promptly at 11:45am. At the conclusion of the program, students will be presented with their diploma and dismissed around 12:30pm.
     Thank you for your support 
    Have a wonderful week

  • homework for may 18th

    Dear Parents,

    During class we tried to review the song for the end of the year, but the sound didn`t work. We weren`t able to train properly. Please make sure your child learns the refrain of "Black M'` s song 'Je suis chez moi". They can find the clip and lyrics on Yutube.

    Have a great week

  • homework for May 4th

    Dear Parents,

    It`s almost the end of the schoolyear. That`s why we are working on some reviewing. Today we went over a list of verbs the students had to copy. Homework is to learn those verbs in the present tense with "je" and in the passé composé.

    Have a great weekend

  • homework for Saturday. April 27th

    Chers Parents,

    we are currently working on a song and video clip> Homework for next Saturday is to listen several times to the song. Your child can find it on YouTube : Black M "je suis chez moi"

    Have a great weekend 

    Joyeuses Pâques, Happy Easter

  • homework for Saturday April.21th

    Dear Parents,

    we are currently working on a short film with our I-pads. I asked the students to prepare a few dialogues for the scenario. Subject, topic are their own choice.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Myriam Chedouteau

  • No Homework for April, Saturday 13.

    It's Spring break, no homework. See you in April 13th.

  • homework for March 23.

    Bonjour chers parents,

    we are still working on how to talk about the past.

    Homework is on the worksheet I handed out : le passé composé.

    Have a wonderful weekend and week!

  • Homework for March 16th

    Chers Parents,

    We started a new lesson today and we will work on it for a few weeks as this is an important chapter : talking about the past, in french the passé composé. Homework for next week is to read several times the text I handed out and the  worksheet with the vocabulary and verbs as well.

    Have a wonderful weekend and a great week 

  • homework for March 9th

    Dear Parents,

    Some of our students were interested by participating at the drawing contest to celebrate the French language around the world. They can finish it at home, but have to return it next Saturday. I gave the instructions during class, you will find more details in l`Ecole du Samedi`s newsletter from March 1st.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Myriam Chedouteau

  • homework for March 2nd

    Chers parents,

    Please make sure your student reviews the dictee (dictation) we had on last Saturday. Training is key of progress, that`s why we will have the same dictation several times.

    Just as a reminder, there are still some slots available for the parent teacher conferences. Feel free to email me if you have any issue with the google document.

    Have a nice day

    see you next Saturday

    Myriam Chedouteau

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