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Homework for Advanced Levels

  • Homework for January 29th

    Dear Parents, Chers Parents

    No specific homework this time. Just reading and reading ;)

    Enjoy your weekend

  • Homework for January 19th

    Dear Parents,

    Today we worked on our books : Fama va en Californie (advanced 2&3) and Les aventures d'Isabelle (adv 1). Homework will be to finish the questions and translate the vocabulary on the worksheet I handed out during class.In addition students need to reed chapter 7 and 8 and if they want they can play on the quiz "les directions" we had today : you will need the app Quizzizz or you can play on a computer at Quizzizz;com. Code is 667032

    Thank you.

    Have a wonderful weekend  

  • Homework for January 19th

    Dear Parents,

    Today we worked on our books : Fama va en Californie (advanced 2&3) and Les aventures d'Isabelle (adv 1). Homework will be to finish the questions and translate the vocabulary on the worksheet I handed out during class.In addition students need to reed chapter 7 and 8. Thank you.

    Have a wonderful weekend  

  • Homework for January 12th

    Welcome back!

    I wish you and your lovely children a happy new year!

    We are still working on our two books, "les aventures d'Isabelle"  ( advanced levels 1) and "Fama va en Californie" (advanced levels 2&3).Homework will be to read chapter 6 , check the new vocabulary and answer to the questions on the worksheet I handed out this morning.

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunny weather.

    à bientôt

  • Homework for January 5th 2019

    Your children were amazing at the  Christmas-"spectacle"! They did really a good job, especially because the song wasn't easy.

    Thank you so much for your involvement.

    For homework, I handed a worksheet out, but most of them already finished it during class. Therefore , your child just has to read chapter 4 and 5 of the little books.

    I wish you a very, merry Christmas and happy new year!

    See you next year!

  • Homework for December 15 th

    Chers Parents, dear parents,

    Next Saturday will be the last day of school for l’ecole du samedi! We will have our holiday celebration at 11:30 am. So, please make sure, your child knows the lyrics of Stromae’s song.

    They also have to read chapter 4 and 5 of  les aventures  d Isabelle , and Fama va en Californie.

    As we do a lot of quizzes and vocabulary games during class, your children need to review the conjugation of all the verbs we studied .

    Thank you for your support.

    Have a wonderful weekend 

  • Homework for December 8.

    No Homework, just review all the vocabulary .

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Homework for November 17.

    Chers Parents,

    Dear Parents,

    We worked on our little story books today. One group ( advanced 1) on "les aventures d'Isabelle" and one group ( advanced 2&3) on "Fama va en Californie". As a result your children will have some new vocabulary to review. Most important of it are on the worksheets I handed out.

    In addition they have another worksheet with some conjugation to fill out. 

    Thank you for your help and have a great weekend

  • Homework for November 10.

    Dear Parents !

    We are quickly approaching the end of the semester ! We have 2 Saturdays left before Thanksgivings break and only 3 more before the end of the year ! Time runs fast!

    As your students worked hard all over this weeks , they don't have much homework for next week.

    Today, I gave a book to your child : "Les aventures d'Isabelle" for Advanced 1, and "Fama va en Californie" for Adv 2 & 3.

    They have to read chapter 1 and search the vocabulary with the free app Word reference.

    Enjoy tour weekend and have a great week !

  • Homework for November 3.


    Homework for next week is on worksheet : "la mousse au chocolat"

    ex # 1 ; 1a ; 1b

    Happy Halloween !!!!

  • Homework for October 27.

    We made some "mousse au chocolat" and "crêpes" today!

    The mousse au chocolat recipe is online ; you will need the application Flipgrid and passwords. If your child wants to watch the video again, feel free to email me and I will send you the passwords.

    Your children got two worksheets this morning  : the crêpes recipe and a grammatical lesson : l'impératif". They will have to write the verbs in bold of the "crêpes" recipe in the singular or plural "command" form (Impératif). Tip : read carefully the worksheet "Impératif".

    ex :      faire _ Faites (plural) or Fais (singular)

    Have a great weekend and a wonderful week !

  • Homework for October 20..

    Bonjour chers parents.

    We had so much fun today with our new topic around food and "la semaine du goût". Your child had to taste different kinds of nutrients and describe the taste : Flavors like sour, bitter, sweet and salted.

    Homework for next Saturday is the worksheet "les repas" : advanced 1 have to do the first exercise only. Advanced 2 and 3 the first and the second, on the bottom of the document. Of course, everybody needs to review the vocabulary.

    See you all next Saturday

    à samedi!

  • Homework for October 13.

    Bonjour chers Parents!

    As we enjoyed a potluck, today, at l’école du Samedi, and as next week begins "la semaine du goût" in France ("the week of flavors"), I thought it were a great opportunity to view and /or review some new vocabulary & topics around food, beverages and culinary traditions. That's why your child came back today with 4  worksheets (Sorry, it's not very eco friendly, but we don't have books, as we have different levels in this class)- Vocabulary,  they have to review.

    Home worksheet has the title :


    #1 conjugue le verbe aimer ; j'aime / je n'aime pas

    #2 write sentences with the names in the table :

    ex: Bertrand aime....n'aime pas     for each activity shown on the table

    #3 write 1 or 3 (for advanced 3) sentences to answer the questions.

  • homework for October 6th : review vocabulary

    Dear Parents,

    As many students have fallbreaks, I didn't hand out worksheets on saturday Sept. 29th. We focused on comprehensive and communicative development using the ipads and appropriate apps like flipgrid and Kahoot.

    Homework for next week will only be revision of vocabulary we had since the beginning of our classes.

    I wish you a great week or/and a wonderful break§

    Mrs Myriam

  • Homework for September 29.

    Chers Parents,

    Today, September 22th, we still focused on how to talk about ourselves and reviewed/ learned how to form questions. We improved the vocabulary on several topics like family, sports and hobbies, jobs and numbers.

    Homework for next week will be on the worksheet "Questions" I gave today .

    All Levels (Advanced 1&2 and 3) have to do exercise 1: "Make an Interview. Find the right question corresponding to André's answers " =Faites une interview. Posez des questions à André.

    Advanced Level 3 and Level 2, if they want to  ;-) have also to do exercise 3. But instead of "Décrivez votre voisin" (neighbor), I want them to describe a family member :"décrivez un membre de votre famille" by using "il" or "elle"

    Of course, everybody has to review the vocabulary we saw today on the dialogue worksheet.

    I wish everybody a great weekend and a wonderful week. Bon weekend et une très bonne semaine à tous!

    Madame Myriam

  • HW Adv2&3

    Dear Parents,

    Last Saturday we reviewed the verb "faire" at present tense and vocabulary the children will need to introduce and talk about themselves . They got a few worksheets they need to review, especially the vocabulary for" hobbies" and  "faire". If they didn't complete the worksheets during class, they need to finish them. Maybe we will have a little vocabulary-quiz about hobbies (loisirs), introducing ourselves (je me présente)

    Have a wonderful week

    à samedi prochain


  • Homework 9/8

    Dear Parents, dear Students 

    It was a pleasure to meet you on this first day of french school. I am convinced we will spend a wonderful year together .

    Our first class was focused on introducing ourselves.Homework for next Saturday will be to read the documents I gave, review the vocabulary and do  execise 6 ( conjugaison present of verbs : chanter, danser, détester)

    Have a wonderful week 

    Madame Myriam

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